Request Service

 Fill out the request service form and we will contact you directly to schedule an appointment.

Questions? Feel free to call us at 610-935-9334. Ask for the service department.

Note: If you purchased your stove or fireplace from The Stove Shop you will receive service priority. You must provide make/model and other info before we can provide any service. For appliances which we did not sell and install we may not be able to help, instead we may refer you to a third-party service partner.

Installation Services

We are delighted to install any stove or fireplace which we sell. We will install in accordance with applicable safety and building codes. Our installers are factory trained, highly experienced, insured and licensed. Our Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor number is PA051932.

If you plan to use an existing chimney, it must be swept and a Level II Safety inspection done before installation. This is standard procedure to determine if your chimney is up to code. Older chimneys often require a new liner or other repairs. Don’t skip this step. The venting system is a vital part of the heating system.

Stove Maintenance Services

Annual maintenance and cleaning is necessary for safe and proper operation. Please schedule your annual routine cleaning service during the Spring/Summer time, from March thru August. (If you wish, ask to be placed on our email reminder list.)

Stove Cleaning Tips

From September thru February while we are handling a large volume of installation work we may have to refer you to our list of local chimney sweeps for routine chimney cleaning service. You may contact a Certified Chimney Sweep to schedule cleaning service, or ask for our list of approved local chimney sweeps.

If you are a competent do-it-yourselfer (DIY) and willing to take on a dirty job, we stock most sizes of chimney brushes. We also have special ash vacuums which are designed for this task. Your household vacuum is not the right choice for ashes! The best source for how-to instructions for cleaning and maintenance of your stove is your owner’s manual.